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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Christmas Ornaments - Angels

Angel with golden highlighted
wings. With a cord hanger. It
measures 2 1/2" x 1 3/4" wide.
2-D The face is securely glued to
the wings. A nice gift or heirloom.
Sweet lil angel ornament
Measures 2 1/4" long x
1 1/4" wide. Has a cloth
hanger that measures
2 1/2" . Great gifts to
collect or hand down as heirlooms


goooooood girl said...

Good good good......

One Crabapple said...

ah ! these angels are beautiful ! Love them !

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

how sweeet are those!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...


Lin, you won my lil TEA party giveaway! Thanks for playing along...

I'm putting together your sur-PRIZE now for send-off!

(it's a secret what it is)

Enjoy, Monica :)

Patti said...

Oh my Lin
You have really been busy!
I have been away for toooooooo long. Iam going shopping at your shop. Beautiful stuff girlfriend!!

Thanks fot the comments on my granddaughter. She is a sweet young lady and I am so blessed to have her. We had a good visit.


Anonymous said...

So beautiful and what serene faces. I absolutely love them. These truly would look great on a tree or a package, hmm napin rings or okay I better stop. I do love them.

My Ladies Fine Designs said...

Oh Fun, I'll have to check out yor etsy shop.